The “Raven Way”. Revisited and evolving as it go’s.

Utopia is Possible only with love. Titles and Money creates no Love.

Utopia is Possible only with love. Titles and Money creates no Love.

“As long as your actions harm no one do as you will.”

This does not mean go crazy and act up but, what it does mean is that there is no limits to your actions other then harm to others (including animals). There are no Book’s no Person between you and your “god”, your connection is within you. Following the Raven way, allows each person to be protected in current times under a religion but allows for more religious freedom for each individual.

The “Raven Way” is designed to allow the protection religion can give with out restraints upon how to worship. No need for a expensive church. No book to get and no need for a special person to pass on your wishes to your god. I preach god is with in each individual and only you know if your living within your best ability. As long as you find your way go for it and be respectful not to harm other who are doing the same.

Religion, a postdiluvian concept evolved out of a more harmonious way. It was required that Humanity bend to the will of these “religions” and are fictitious creations of rule hungry mortals with evil reasons to create Hell and Demons to plague existence. The religion they seek to replace had no hell, no demons, no list of do not’s or must do’s.

The “Raven Way” seeks to point out the fact that you are the closest connection to what created you. Within you is everything you need to know about “god”. You are a sovereign sentient being allowed to do as you wish and think how you want, as long as your not hurting others it’s allowed. Reverting to the way prior to force and hurting became religion is the only way to truly be accepting as “religion” was intended. I seek to protect as current religions do but to allow more range of people to join a more open religion more harmonious to humanities kindness.

How do you become a follower of the “Raven Way”?

First love yourself and others equal as brothers and sisters. Second find your way to be useful and happy. Third be a fellow to your neighbors and steward the area around you the best you can. Each of us are creations of the universe none more important then another.


Nature Meditations

Let my mind bear sweet fruit

“Nature does not teach the glory of God; it need not teach this, as nature itself is the glory of God.

People wish to study astrology and other subjects in order to understand better. But if we study astrology then we are sure to arrive at an interpretation which is given by a man; whereas what we should read from nature is what nature gives us, not what any book teaches us.

There comes a time, with the maturity of the soul, when every thing and every being begins to reveal its nature to us. We do not need to read people’s lives; we do not need to read their theories.

We know then that this wide nature in its four aspects is ever-revealing and that one can always communicate with it, but that in spite of this it is not the privilege of every soul to read it. Many souls remain blind with open eyes. They are in heaven, but not allowed to look at heaven; they are in paradise, but not allowed to enjoy the beauties of paradise. It is just like a person sleeping on a pile of gems and jewels. From the moment man’s eyes open and he begins to read the book of nature he begins to live; and he continues to live forever.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan.

For those looking for Nature orientated meditations I share the quoted visionary’s work called ” Nature Meditations of Hazat Inayat Khan” it’s 81 pages of wonderful work.—81pages.pdf?dl=0

The “Diamond Sutra”

In an effort to “enlighten” I find it also required to share information I have or have gained access to. In my world information is always free and should be shared. What I am sharing now has been called “the earliest complete survival of a dated printed book” by the British Library.

Found in the early 20th century by Aurel Stein, this was a great find and now I share it with you


I hope you all enjoy.


1881 Household Cyclopedia.

Household Cyclopedia

For those who are looking for a all useful yet a little out dated “civlopedia( works required for civilization)”.

This work appears as is at the following link but, this is how they open.

“As the object of all study, and the end of all wisdom, is practical utility, so a collection, of the most approved Receipts, in all the arts of Domestic and Social Life, may be considered as a volume containing nearly the whole of the wisdom of man, worthy of preservation. In truth, the present volume has been compiled under the feeling, that if all other books of Science in the world were destroyed, this single volume would be found to embody the results of the useful experience, observations, and discoveries of mankind during the past ages of the world.

Theoretical reasonings and historical details have, of course, been avoided, and the objects of the compilers have been to economize space, and come at once to the point. Whatever men do, or desire to do, with the materials with which nature has supplied them, and with the powers which they possess, is here plainly taught and succinctly preserved; whether it regard complicated manufactures, means of curing diseases, simple processes of various kinds, or the economy, happiness, and preservation of life.

The best authorities have been resorted to, and innumerable volumes consulted, and wherever different processes of apparently equal value, for attaining the same and have been found, they have been introduced.

A general, rather than a scientific, arrangement has been adopted, because the object of the work is popular and universal, and, though likely to be useful to men of science, it is more especially addressed to the public at large. In like manner, as far as possible, technical and scientific language has been avoided, and popular names and simple descriptions have been preferred.
Every care has been taken in the printing to avoid errors in quantities, as well as to select the best receipts of each kind.
The matter has been carefully digested from standard authorities, the scientific journals, and from the practical knowledge of the Editors and contributors. The Editors have to acknowledge valuable assistance from gentlemen eminent in the departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, Wine-making, Perfumery, Cements, Engraving, Photography, Angling, Tanning, etc. Among other distinguished contributors,…”.

Here is a Link:—710pages.pdf?dl=0

Humanity, unlearning from “the box of what we are told”.

One of billions of planets that possibly has life.

One of billions of planets that possibly has life.

Good evening,

I’ve been on a mission to help undo the pain and suffering of humanity. One night, while commenting to my wife on all the various issues the planet and humanity has, she asked a very good question which has been held motionless within my mind. What solution do you have, was the question. So from that moment on, I have fixated on what can be done.

At the end of the day, many just like me are trying to figure out what went wrong if anything. Many search for ways to do things better and none of them are less important then any other as they share one very good thing, they all are hoping to help. Nothing wrong with that and it proves people are upset and searching for a new way.

Looking at the over all issues we all report to have they appear to be a tangled mess of issues with many contributing factors. Segregation, Aggravation and Motives seem very diversified and cover a wide range of people all over the world, not just the USA as some think. It appears to be far to wide of a area of concern to look at. This is what I call “the box of all we are told”.

If we take “the box of all we are told” and we go back to the beginning of it’s creation we find the topic easier to focus on. The ability to see the “box” is crucial when trying to fix the issues. We as humans forget to remove the “box” when we look at situations under review. When we look for these injustices or look to accuse people of segregationist actions and unfairness where ever it is, we use this “box” of corrupted information. This is where doing the same thing and expecting different results becomes insanity.

I say insanity because it is. It’s utter insanity that humanity seek’s to undo what was done by the very way it got this way in the first place. It’s not very smart of us but, that’s why it is so hard to see. The tools most use are of “the box” and thereby should be avoided if searching for a fix to the issues world wide. Concepts of fairness and worth need to be redefined and within our harts we know the way to fix this if we could just get out of the “box”.

Everything we fear and hate comes from a very easy thing to see if you go back to when it started. All segregation and imaginary classifications that holds humanity in it’s hierarchy systems came from one place and time long ago.

When we go to “the box of what we are told” the first bit of information we have is that “god”, “alien” or whatever supposedly picked one human to lead us all and gave them a “title”. Never mind this “god”, “alien” or whatever is never seen by any others but, these chosen few. Why are these people chosen if they never seem divine? Think about that for just a moment. Not one leader has ever avoided the issue of unfairness, segregation or prejudgments made by every instance in history.

This, history shows you “they”, the ones who claim leadership over us, require a slew of people whom they give a “title”. These “titles” are handed out by the chosen leader as a way to get support. Are we to expect that an entity of unlimited power decided that one human was better then another? And if so why are these people chosen not more divine. Why do they not try to share divinity with us all? Are we expected to believe this is the best we can do? Yes, if you stick within this “box” of “titles”.

Titles are created by men with desires to control and you’ll never find an instance in which one didn’t act less then divine at some time. Seeing titles as the first thing wrong with “the box” is critical. Titles created the first division of humans. It’s the base of a myriad of divisions that floods humanity with the wrong ways of thinking. Currently governments and humanity are brainwashed by the idea there must be a ruler. This idea comes from one time period. And served a human well to do just as he wanted, control his fellow man.

Accredited professionals tell us according to who’s reading it that the Sumerians wrote many things which appear to be the first of their kinds and truly amazing. This information appears lost to most mainstream thoughts and actions worldwide. According to the first written accounts some one gave leadership as if they owned it, and this had to be from a position of power over humans some how.

Regardless of how, as that is speculation supposedly, humans were given this as a model of control. Ever sense then we have been held captive.

It is unavoidable sometimes to use some of the box to make reference when most of the box is not useful. The area of concern is where the box began as far as we can reasonably tell. And is mostly important only in that way.

If we go to the oldest writings you’ll see the formation of the tier system. You also see the creation of a monetary system which is only important in that it was a secondary control added as the title structure grew and needed help to make it work. Also, in their writing you see that those who had no need for money were protected as they were seen as self sufficient sovereign people who would leave if unsatisfied. The fact of moneys creation should not cloud the motives connected to our situation. But, it’s effects are felt daily.

While Titles came from mostly intangible things or violence, money was created to bring reality to the servitude. If you accept it you also accept it’s conditions. Motive yet again, proves divinity is not at work here.

Titles breeds segregation. Money reinforces it. These two things lead to the full range of our issues. The motive is easy to see as history tells us you either get a title that gives you more money and your life is better all the way until you need more… or you get enough money and buy a title and get better off that way. Control is easy to see when point blank.

If your looking to solve the issues seeing the box generally is helpful. These two things have put us in a cycle. Not a good one at all but, there is hope as before the box there were humans other then the “box builders”. These people lived in the cities we call mysterious and their ways were the ways of the world before we got brainwashed into this idea of reality. Stewardship and Fellowship was a worldwide way. Every “uncivilized” people has these two things in common. It’s the natural way of things. We believe we can’t have technology with out titles and money to move us. Maybe, it had a point then that helped us. Maybe.

I think we all wish for a Utopia. I think we all can have it. I believe once we had it and it is possible again. Remove the title structure and replace it with volunteer structure. Remove the monetary structure and replace it with common good and the elevation of all worldwide. Provide Structures that are safe for all. Provide Food and Water for all. Provide connection for all. Provide self-sufficiency and community stewardship with the goal being the betterment of all worldwide.

Utopia is Possible only with love. Titles and Money creates no Love.

Utopia is Possible only with love. Titles and Money creates no Love.

If you doubt these two things are holding us back then try to change anything with out them both at the right level to actually change anything. If you ruled the world? If you were the richest person on earth? Would you leave things like this? Surely you would make a Utopia if you could. Think about why they never tell you “anything is possible” and then do it. The box has it uses as a tool of teaching. Lesson’s can be learned from even instance but, generally it must be filtered by “motive” and most often the motive is control. The entire thing is created to keep a few in charge forever. They will never lead you to a system where all have equally.

If you want Utopia. I suggest that you deprive title it’s control and ignore moneys hold. This system is not designed to streamline or remove only add needs. The cure for cancer will never be found as long as it has money to make. Presidents will never stand for the people when titles are needed to make his life easy. No one see’s the end of the bubble of world leaders and thinks this is the only way to live due to brainwashing for centuries beyond our understanding. with the motive of controlling.

There is more unknown then known but, how much do you need to know to change it… Time will tell.

Will you see that a Utopia is possible? Will you see a cure for cancer? Will you see the brightest minds work for the well being of humanity as a whole with out money or titles, just for the good of us all? These things are up to each of us to see in our world.

There can be no utopia under the conditions that allow titles and money. You will never see the enlightenment of humanity as long as these things are the main concerns of every system we have. Plan for Humanity’s Enlightenment but, see the motives in what you are told is reality.

Remove the need for titles in you day to day life. Try to group together to steward these ideas and remove the need for money. You don’t have to live simple. Imagine we all have homes free and it can be so. Imagine we all have food and water and it can be so. Imagine all humanity well and doing better every day and it can be so. Only a title and money can stop you.

Betterment of Humanity Worldwide is it’s own reward! If it’s good for humanity it should be free! Only the few have it all and that’s not what we all strive for but, you can be sure they will not give it up easy. Fellowship is our strength.

In the entire Universe could only our planet have life?

In the entire Universe could only our planet have life?

Clan of Awareness Worldwide “Wix” webpage.

You are Universal!

Within you is your connection to it all.



Caw, Just needed a website and free is good so here is a Link.

It’s Mission is to bring back Stewardship of the earth and Community to all Humans Worldwide.



Clan of Awareness Worldwide

Stewardship and Community Worldwide

” Our Mission is to get “Humanity” worldwide to a better place. To once again get that feeling of brother and sister hood back we feel deep inside. While historically we are told forgiveness comes from outside of us and as we see it our “connection” has always been within us. Most of the “system’s” we have such as religion has a base in control over people and using their “system” as a way to do so.

Removing tens of thousands of years of teachings and fact building will be hard but, it is our contention that through a few moments every day we can change what we see as important in this world we live in. Being brothers and sisters has lost it’s importance, instead it has been replaced with “titles” and “money” which degrades the desire to do right.

Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues has been adapted to fit our way. This way can be can be called “the way”, “the raven way” (which is preferred), “universal way” or just about any variation. The Point of this “religious mission” is to get back to before their was a “Bible” before there became rules for entry to places men say exist. The 13 Virtues above have a basic way to try to manage our selves and our dealings with others.

Here the possibilities are not limited by any words and the use of those limiting words are asked to not be used here. None of the “Words” used in “praise” hold those values here. Words of the System and it’s assertions that they are “required” hold weight here.

Possibilities can’t be limited to a “Christian”, “Taoist”, “Buddhist” or “standard” verbiage and this is going to be hard to replace. While getting a new vocabulary together to show ‘praise” is important, I don’t feel it is needed as yet. What we do have is a set of “13 virtues” again adapted to our use.

It is hoped that by focusing a moment during the first moments of your day and a few at the end of your day we all can maintain some virtue and happiness worthy of praise. Our Mission to to get you to search and look for answers from within.”

13 Virtues of CAW

Dodekagram more then it appears.

Dodekagram – 12 Pointed Star:        


Dodekagram- Four Sections of Three.


The number twelve has a lot of potential meanings. It is the number of months in the year, thus representing a yearly cycle and its completion and wholeness. It is the number of disciples of Jesus, which makes it a common number in Christianity, and the original number of Hebrew tribes as well as supposedly the stars derive their source from the 12 elemental letters of the hebrew alphabet, which makes it a common number in Judaism.

But a twelve-sided figure most commonly represents the zodiac, which is divided into twelve signs. Those twelve signs are further divided into four groups identified by element (three fire signs, three water signs, etc.), so a dodekagram made up of four overlapping triangles works particularly well. A dodekagram made up of two overlapping hexagons can be used to divide the zodiac symbols by male and female qualities. (You can’t overlap hexagrams, since hexagrams are overlapping triangles. It’s the same thing as a dodekagram made up of four triangles.)

The Building Material of the Future!

The building material of the future is good old Cob. Now let me set some links up to help.

What is Cob the material.

Here are some common questions about Cob.

And the basic “what is cob?“.

Cob Workshops “free” or “work trade”.

An example is the town Shibam from Yemen, which is fully built from earth.

The Building materiel of the Future is the building material of our ancestors who had buildings tall enough for our needs. An example is the town Shibam from Yemen, which is fully built from earth. Banks and the System that builds homes will not want to tell you this would work as there is no money in it.

Most projects can be done in the small thousands and give you a custom home not a box. Above I gave you a few links. Now is the time. Short and sweet. Learn Cob and Support Free Workshops in your area as much as you can. Here is one I like.. Not even sure if they are still there but, they are one of the only around who let’s you learn and help for free.

Down Load a Free Pdf of The Cob Builders Handbook.


Great Interviews Start with Great Questions

The Daily Post

Not sure how to get started? Check out The Art of the Interview, from Blogging U‘s Writing 201 course, “Beyond the Blog Post.” Mark Armstrong covers interview prep, tools, and offers a sample reading list of great interviews to inspire you.

As humans, we’re innately curious about one another, maybe because understanding others is one way to better understand ourselves. Interviews, via podcast, video, or print can help you expand your audience and attract repeat visitors to your site. Today, we’ll look at some tips on how to craft interview questions that will make for compelling watching, listening, or reading on your blog.

Get schooled on your subject

I sometimes find that in interviews you learn more about yourself than the person learned about you.
–William Shatner

Your interview subject has said yes: congratulations! After you celebrate, start preparing: read your subject’s work. Read their blog, Google them…

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Call for Coops

Take a Peak Chicken Coop Tour

This is the first call for coops to be on the 2015 Take-A-Peak Coop Tour. The tour will be Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 17. Hours will be 9AM to 5PM both days.  Fancy to Funky, let your hens join the fun.

If you or someone you know would like to have your Chicken Coop on this years tour, please send an email to jpconner2 AT  We have set a maximum of 30 Chicken Coops for this year.

The requirements are simple.
1. Be wiling to open your yard and coop to the public. You don’t have to let them into the coop unless you want to.
2. Be willing to have the coop available for a minimum of four continuous hours. I try to block the times out in to four blocks – 9-1 Saturday, 1-5 Saturday, 9-1 Sunday and 1-5 Sunday. Minimum commitment is one four…

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